This 30mL airless pump has 3 grams of Organic Arnica, 250mg of CBD derived from Organic hemp, and Lavender Essential oil.

After an aesthetic procedure or surgery, the chance of bruising is always there. An inflammatory response by the body is guaranteed. This cream was privately formulated by Dr. Kian Karimi to be used for up to three days after a procedure for improved recovery time and relief of pain.

CB2 receptors are located throughout the body whereas CB1 receptors are in the brain. The topical use of a phytocannabinoid, CBD in this case, leads to CB2 activation at the treatment site, decreasing ROS and TNF-a levels. English: It reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.

Arnica is useful for treating inflammation and pain as well as reducing bruising when applied topically.

Lastly, lavender not only smells great and is calming, it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory!

Heal MD Bruising and Swelling Post Treatment